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With the strides of time, BECO has established itself a synonym for quality.  Millions of our satisfied customers stand testimony to it.  They are our best investment and we spare no efforts in preserving their satisfaction.  We welcome all of you to share their legend and join the BECO family.
Since 1939, BECO has been growing from strength to strength and have attained a higher degree of technological perfection.  Incorporation of high end CNC Machines has helped BECO to achieve higher production quantity, without comprimising on the superior quality of Piston Rings which we are famous for.
Individually Cast:  BECO Piston Rings are cast individually to form, in sand moulds, piled up one above the other.  Sand mould are made from pattern plates of pre-designed shapes with the help of Common Runner and Raiser.  In one pour, a bunch of Rings blank is formed in the shape of a Ring Tree.

Material of Cast Iron (CI) Rings:  BECO Piston Rings are cast from phosphorus grey cast iron, which is the best suitable alloy, due to it's inherent, wear resistence and more adequate strength for the purpose.  Different grades of alloys are prepared as per the requirements and specifications to suit special functioning.  BECO Piston Rings can be supplied in any cast structure to suit every job per international standards.

Ductile Iron:  This grade of Iron is noted for it's high impact resistance. Ductile Iron's high strength and elasticity allow heavier loads with less deflection. The two most common grades that safety seal uses are 80-55-06, which is basically pearlitic with good machinability and toughness, and 65-45-12 Grade Ductile which has maximum toughness and machinability. Ductile Iron is used primarily for Piston Rings where high strength and wear resistance are necessary attributes.

TYPE 1 N1-RESIST IRON:  Due to it's high alloy content, Type 1 castings are noted for their resistance to corrosion, erosion, wear and heat. Some applications include Exhaust Manifold Rings where the heat could climb up to 1300F. and wear Rings for handling sour gas, salts, saltwater, and acids.

BRONZE MATERIAL:  Used primarily in a poor lubrication service adn in an application where corrosive liquids or gases might cause Cast Iron to fail.

GRADE C96300 BRONZE:  A high-quality Leaded Tin Bronze which has been found to be more suitable in general applications.

GRADE C93700 BRONZE:  A high-quality Leaded Bronze with certain percentages of Lead and Bronze, frequently used in a poor lubrication service.

TEFLON:  BECO utilizes Dupont's Polytetrafluroethylene to achieve a quality of performance which exceeds all other materials in non-lubricated applications, This is due to its' phenomenal native lubricity and frictionless properties. Chemically inert and uniquely wear resistant, Teflon is extremely tough and is available in three additive blends all especially developed to operate in lubricated or non-lubricated service. Teflon Glass filled, Teflon Glass Moly filled and Teflon Carbon filled each possess notable wear resistance impervious to corrosive gases, moisture, and temperature extremes.

BECRO Rings:  These are chromium plated piston rings of the same material specifications and grades.  Chromium depth varies from .08mm to 1mm thickness, depending upon the nature of the device and application.

Chromium Plated Top Rings:  The top Compression Rings are exposed to higher temperature zones with relatively less lubrication available and due to high working heats, rings may get scuffed and seized.  To fight these drastic conditions, top rings are chromium plated, which not only ensures smooth working with less lubrication but also resists wear and tear and prolongs the life of your Engine.

More over, the chromium metal has a high melting point and thus gives a solid layer on the outer periphery of the Piston Ring, which retains original tension and hence increases effeciency of the Engine.  On the other hand, chromium deposits are porus which retains lubrication in these micro-pores, thereby, reducing friction and giving smooth working to the Engine.

Top Groove Steel Ring:  Steel rings were introduced under demanding circumstances of the IC engines, where piston and rings have to work under heavy stress and heat conditions.  Normal CI chrome plated rings could wear out faster thereby reducing the life of Engine and also with over a period of time.  Technology advanced further and chrome plated steel rings were introduced in the top groove of the piston in demanding applications or heavy duty IC engines.

BECRO OIL:  The conventional solid slotted oil control rings are chromium plated to give them lasting life.  If oil control rings are easily worn out then the oil consumption increases and you suffer fuel losses.  But now with the Chromium Plated oil rings, a perfect oil control system is achieved for longer period and thereby cutting oil consumption which gives you net saving too.

Double Chrome Sprind Loaded (DCS):  Is further improvement on the performance of BECRO OIL.

HONING:  BECO Piston-Rings can be supplied to any specifications and requirements.  Hard Chromium plated rings are Honed or Pre-Seated, if required by the consumer.  Specially honed rings acquire a bright bluish finish, which are ready for "Immediate Load Carrying Capacity".  These rings are supplied only on demand and extra sur-charge of 200% is added to the List Price of the Ring Set.  However, BECO Piston Rings are now being supplied with perfect preseated periphery at no extra cost.
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