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Operational Piston Ring manufacturing plant for immediate sale.
All machines will be sold on as-on-where basis.
a. Duplex Grinder (16" grinding wheel with magnetic pass-through feed) suitable for grinding of piston rings, circlips, bearing cones etc. Includes 2 motors of 7. 5hp each. Qty: 1
b. Duplex Grinder (20" grinding wheel with carrier plate feed) . Includes 2 motors of 15hp each. Qty: 2
c. Surface Grinder with Rotating Permanent Magnetic table (3') . Qty: 1
d. Electro Magnetic Grinding Chuck, suitable for grinding individual pieces upto 8" dia. Qty: 5
e. Lathe machines (light bench type, 4' bed) suitable for small operations. Dog / True chucks. Qty: 4
f. Turning Lathe Machines (6' bed) with tail stock & special metal removing fixtures. Qty: 2
g. Boring Lathe Machines (6' bed) with boring cylinder & sleeves. Qty: 2
h. Milling Machines. Qty: 2
i. Slotting Machines. Qty: 2
j. Facing Machines (collette type) . Qty: 5
k. Electric Furnace (Oven type) Temp. Range 650 to 1000 deg. Celcius. Qty: 2
l. Honing Machine (hydraulic) . Qty: 1
m. Air-Compressor 1000 lbs capacity. Qty: 1
n. Steel wire rolling machine (twin-rollers for flattening the wire) 5 hp motor. Qty: 1
o. All jigs, fixtures, sizing machines available
For more information, please feel free to call Mr. Vineet at [+91] 99 712 666 04 or e-mail at: info[at]becoindia[dot]com